The revolutionary vaping system

To meet the increasing demand, our team has redesign a revolutionary vaping system from scratch, introducing Relx! With NO button, Relx is a technological advance device that is activated with every suction. And that is why we are able to design a truly elegant device, that is able to meet your style! Besides, having Zero Tar, Relx is a truly healthier option to meet your desire, anytime, anywhere!

No Fuss

Revolutionary design, no button, intelligent “inhalation sensor”, pod secured with magnet, just snap and puff, no refilling, no wick, no need recoil, no cleaning required.

Statement of Elegance

Design with executives in mind, sleek and discreet, matches your image. A true vape that you can proudly use, even in professional environment.

Anytime, Anywhere

Enjoy healthier, fresh puff with partners or peers, without unpleasant smell or thick vapour. Only with Relx. Anytime. Anywhere.

Relx, A Healthier You

ZERO Tar, no harmful chemicals from cigarette such as toluene, cadmium, arsenic, etc, no unpleasant cigarette smell, a truly healthier you.


Relx Starter Kit

All Relx starter kit includes

one battery pole, two pods (ice mint and classic tobacco), one micro-usb charger, and one user guide

Choose Your Favourite Relx Colour

Classic Black

RM250 RM188

Navy Blue

RM250 RM188

Space Gray

RM250 RM188

Rose Gold

RM250 RM188

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Relx Pods

Different flavours, for different mood!

Flavours for your Relx

With RELX selections of flavours, you will be assured, there will be a flavour for you. Hot or Cold, classic or fruity, just snap in and puff away!

RM75 RM65

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RM75 RM65

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Classic Tobacco

RM75 RM65

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